Parking in Downtown


6 month permit – $50.00 / 12 month permit $100.00
30 day temporary permit- $8.33


1. Copy of residential lease, utility bill, or proof of residential ownership.
2. Copy of vehicle registration.
3. Copy of photo id.

Residents are expected to adhere to the parking guidelines as listed below.

  • Resident parking permits will allow you to park for free in any City owned pay parking lot, or to be exempt from time limits in any time limited City owned parking lot. The permit will also allow for an additional hour of parking on any time limited street. That is to say, you would be allowed three hour parking on a two hour street or four hour parking on a three hour street. In the event of an extenuating circumstance such as illness, you may call the office before your time expires to prevent being ticketed
  • Time limits only apply Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and exclude City holidays. See Downtown parking guidelines brochure for a listing of City owned parking lots
  • Two Residential Parking permits are allowed per residence. Additional permits must be approved by the Downtown Parking Committee
  • Misuse of Residential Parking permits may result in revocation of the residential permit
  • All outstanding citations and/or monthly rental fees owed to the City of Fayetteville must be paid in full prior to receiving a residential parking permit
  • Residents agree to hold harmless the City, County, Fayetteville Parking Service, Downtown Alliance, as they assume no liability for fire, theft, or damage to vehicles parked on city streets or in city off-street parking lots.